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I just stumbled upon this incredibly cool car over on ebay. It’s the 1904 Thomas Model 27 Racer and at first it looks just like any old car. The important thing is the engine. 12.3 liters!!! Thats incredibly large! It’s only making 60 hp but for it’s time that might as well have been a thousand. Check out the chain driven rear end, in motorcycle style. Not to mention the vin number… 2735! LOL, just go check out the vin of your car. You might have a little trouble memorizing it. From what I can tell the distributor is inside the car and you control the timing by turning that dial. I have no idea what the brass manifold inside he car is for though and there are more switches there than cylinders.

1904 Thomas Model Racer

Take a look at the gallery for all the photo’s.

Me and Jordan just finished up pulling the transmission out of his car tonight and we seem to have found the problem:


..just kidding jordan. 😉 (more…)

I’m just about to finish up the motor swap on Davonne’s z24 Cavalier and I’ve actually enjoyed the work. I was expecting it to be a Saturday project but it’s taken us a little more than that. Alldata says 15 hours but I think our swap took us twice that long but I guess that’s not so bad for our first motor swap. The last bit should be completed tonight once we swap out the hydraulic clutch line and get it bled. We swapped in the same motor but this one has about 30k less miles on it and doesn’t knock so hard your afraid your about to see a piston come flying through the hood!

Btw, if you ever need hard plastic line replaced or any other hydraulic line call and they should be able to help you out!

I had a great father’s day!! Me and lily worked on the Honda supermoto project for a couple hours. At first she was scared of it! But after sitting on it with me and pretending to ride it she was ready to get to work!! (this tactic works for for me as well!) That night we removed the motor, all the plastic, and cleaned it up some. We removed the air box, chain guards, and cleaned it some more another night.

She’s really a great little helper. She loves to organize parts and get me tools. She can differentiate between Phillips and flat head, when I need a socket she just brings me all of them one by one ;). I think thats pretty good for a two year old!

Just when we were finishing up Davonne came down to the garage and snapped a few pictures. Thanks!!!

Figured I might as well do a quick update since I got on xanga to check out davonne’s post about my birthday party. Which by the way was the best birthday ever!!! Davonne made me dinner and surprised me with a movie room setup I’ve been planning on doing for a long time. She had the furniture all aranged with food supplied and I setup the tech stuff. Lcd projector, laptop with vongo, and some 2.1 speakers. All in all a very cool movie room. She even decorated with some old movie posters from starwars and batman.

On the turbo, since the last post I’ve put in 440cc injectors and and using an smt-6 to control the fuel, but the vortech piece of crap is gone. So after a long battle with tuning it’s running rather well and with little fuel mileage decline(about 2-3 mpg). I’m running 8-9 psi of boost and love it! Have to be extra careful in rain now though. When boost kicks in 2nd gear it’ll spin the tires and get wheel hop. Pretty impressive for a car that started out with 105 whp.

Car Update!

A few things have changed since these pics mainly that I got in somefittings so I’ll be using my stainless steel feed line for oil now. wink1.gif Not to mention that it’s done and running about 3-4 psi right now(to be upped to ~8 shortly)!!! I’ll have to get some more pictures of it finished to post up.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
vacuum manifold

IPB Image

IPB Image
My very pretty jethot 2000 header and dp. (coated for freeeeeeee!!!)

IPB Image
I ended up welding the pan some more, plus a good cleaning up with the wire brush + angle grinder and a coat of black primer.

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image

IPB Image
My impressive air compressor setup.

Thanks to Davonne for not killing me for all the time that went into this and to Jordan for about 24 hours of labor (just this project), probably months of his life have now been spent on the car.

Turned it up to about 5psi now… I think there is something wrong with my wastegate acuator though. I have it turned almost all the way in and it’s only at 5.

Anyways just ask davonne, man that made a huge difference!! I’m helping jordan out with his truck next weekend so i might turn it up somemore then. Still trying to get to 8. hope I don’t have to get a new acuator, they are about another 100, but mainly would be a huge pain to change out. (completely removing the turbo once again).

I’m soo excited. I just found out today that I’m getting my jet-hot coating for free!!!!

I sent in my turbo manifold and down pipe so I’m getting about 150 bucks worth of jethot 2000 for free.

Davonne and lily are great too. Lily tried really hard to start crawling today. She is getting SO BIG!! She looks nothing like a baby anymore. Now she just looks like a little kid. It’s soo cute. We love her soo much. I love you Davonne!!!!